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Lucky Buffalo Escaped Death when Attacked by Crocodile But What Happen Next Possessing powerful weapons that are sharp horns, with a large and powerful body, buffalo is one of the most dangerous prey on the African grasslands. Once gored lions, or even punished hyenas, making predators wary when attacking them. But what will happen if the buffalo clash with the swamp killer ?Let’s admire the terrifying battle between crocodiles and buffaloes The buffalo was drinking water, a crocodile suddenly jumped out of the water and attacked a buffalo. It grabs the nose of its prey. However, the buffalo pulled the crocodile ashore with incredible strength. Perhaps standing in front of the boundary between life and death, buffalo has unleashed its strength to resist predators. In the end, the crocodile had to give in. It is not the first time that buffalo attack a predator, when hunted, they will be afraid, but when the fear is extreme, it will turn into strength to punish the enemy. Perhaps this wild buffalo is an example. It was so hunted by the lion king that it had to jump into the river to escape. But under the water is also a terrible danger. An adult crocodile with a large body attacked it from behind. It was thought that it would die under the sharp teeth of the crocodile, but with some extraordinary energy, it helped the buffalo escape.

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