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Aghast! Topi Calling Help from Friend when Lion Attacked As the ruler of the vast savanna and the most feared predator, the lions’ hunts were often herds of antelope. And in which large species such as wildebeest, topi antelope are the favorite prey that lions often target. So today let’s watch the lion’s spectacular attack with the topi antelope! Lion attacks antelope topi With their large bodies and sharp horns, can these topis escape when confronted with a ferocious herd of lions? And when confronted with the pursuit of lions, how will these topi react? This female topi was about to give birth, but it was brutally attacked by a lion, the unborn baby topi was brutally pulled out by another lioness. Surely you will feel pity for the little topi, but this is how nature works. Natural selection is always fierce. Behind the peace of the steppe lies danger approaching. The predator was quietly moving towards its prey with a deadly gaze while the topi antelope was not alert. Surprised with a speed as fast as an arrow, the lion pounced on its prey with precision. It uses strong bite force to hold the topi and other lions in the herd also come together to kill the prey. According to the analysis, a lion has about 6 seconds to surprise its prey, from the time it begins to attack. During this time, the lion will pounce on the prey and knock it down.

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