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Recommended rental server hosting


May 20, 2023
Recommended rental server hosting

Japan’s largest comprehensive web hosting survey.

Introducing recommended hosting and rental servers for website operation. Let’s choose the best service based on the results of a thorough comparison of contracts, site creation, support inquiries, and performance.

Based on the results of actually contracting rental server services of 10 companies and verifying site construction and operation, each company was evaluated and summarized in a ranking format. In the following, we will introduce the rankings of each company and the characteristics of their services.

#1 Xserver: No. 1 market share in Japan

  • Clear stability and high performance of site speed compared to other companies
  • High-quality customer support that always responds quickly
  • Convenient easy installation function and security settings
  • Monthly: From ¥ 1324

Headquartered in Osaka, “X Server Co., Ltd.” has over 15 years of experience in operating over 1.7 million sites and boasts the largest market share in Japan.

We firmly provide basic functions such as the installation of popular CMS such as WordPress, site transfer, and security settings.

In addition, the site promotes a high-performance server with excellent speed and stability, and it has been confirmed that it has high performance compared to other companies in terms of stability and server processing speed.

In addition, if you apply for domain registration as a set with the server, there is also a campaign where the domain fee is 0 yen, which is also attractive. We also offer great deals.

#2 Onamae.com: 24/7 Phone Support

  • It is a service provided by a well-known long-established company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • Very low starting price due to domain server discounts
  • Extensive manuals and Q&A pages make it easy to find solutions to technical problems
  • Simple and easy to use management screen and installation function
  • Features such as free SSL certificate, WordPress installation and site transfer are available
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year support by phone (quick response in about 6 minutes even at 1:00 am)
  • Monthly: from ¥ 1186

Onamae.com is operated by GMO Internet Co., Ltd., which has a long history and is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

It is a service that even first-time users can use with peace of mind, such as 24/7 telephone support, various setting manuals, and the popular WordPress easy installation function, as well as being able to easily start using it at an exceptional campaign price that cannot be found at other companies.

You can search over 500 types of domains and build your desired site firmly.

#3 Hetemul: Fast and easy to use

  • Great service with a large capacity of 200GB
  • high performance server
  • Simple management screen and easy installation
  • Covers all basic functions
  • Monthly: From ¥ 1068

The rental server “Hetemuru” was born as a result of the GMO Group’s pursuit of speed. High-capacity servers are available at affordable prices.

The server capacity of this service, which can be used from 800 yen per month, is 200GB, which is similar to the famous X-server for its high performance.

It is similar to Lollipop from the same GMO group in terms of basic site building functions, easy installation, extensive security settings, simple management screen and ease of use.

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